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Thank you for your participation in the Digital Passport beta. If you need help using our product, please leave the details here and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


  1. What are the technical requirements to run Digital Passport?
    • One of the following Internet browsers: Internet Explorer 7-11; Chrome; Firefox; Safari
    • Windows 7, Vista, and XP or Mac OS 10.5 or higher
    • Flash (version 10 or higher)
    • Sound card/speakers (individual headphones are recommended)

    Also, check with your school/district about firewalls. You may need to clear the URL: www.digitalpassport.org

  2. How do I implement Digital Passport in my classroom?
    Each of the five Digital Passport modules is designed to take about 45 minutes in its entirety. If time is an issue, you could invite your students to just experience the module's interactive components -- the video and game -- which takes about 15 minutes. More step-by-step suggestions for implementation are listed under the EDUCATOR MATERIALS tab in the Educator Handbook.
  3. For which ages is Digital Passport intended?
    We designed Digital Passport for grades 3-5. However, during our pilot and beta phases, teachers tested the program in younger and older classrooms and got positive feedback from their students. We recommend that you play the games to judge their age appropriateness for your students.
  4. What do I do if the videos are taking too long to load?
    Bandwidth may be an issue for your school. If this is the case, you may choose to show the videos to your class as a group and have students play the games independently. Go to the MANAGE ACTIVITIES tab to disable the videos for your students, then stream the videos from the SchoolTube links provided on the EDUCATOR MATERIALS tab. With the videos turned off, your students will be guided directly to the games when they log in.
  5. Can my students save their spots in a game?
    Digital Passport will track which activities your students have completed between visits to the program, but it does not save their spot in most games when they're in the middle of playing. The exception is "Mix-'n'-Mash," which gives students the option to save a game and resume creating when they log back on. Please note that scores are recorded only after all three rounds of a game are completed, so be sure that students continue playing until they return to the home screen.
  6. How are the scores tabulated?
    The first round of gameplay is for practice only. Scores are compiled from the second and third rounds. You will see a percentage score reporting each student's overall proficiency. Additionally, you can access an individual student's answers to all of the questions in any game.
  7. How can I share my students' data with administrators?
    At any time, you can print a student group report as a PDF or export a CSV file. You then can share this data with teaching partners or administrators.
  8. How do my students earn a Digital Passport?
    A student must complete all three rounds of gameplay in all five modules in order to earn a Digital Passport through the online platform. If you want to support and encourage your students throughout, you can print a Certificate of Achievement for each module or track your students' badging progress in your classroom with the Student Progress Chart. All printable documents are available under the EDUCATOR MATERIALS tab.
  9. Is Digital Passport aligned to standards?
    Each module is aligned to both Common Core and the National Education for Technology Standards for Students (ISTE's NETS). We also recommend companion lessons from our standards-aligned K-12 Digital Literacy and Citizenship curriculum for more in-depth activities and conversations. Learn more in the Educator Handbook.
  10. Can students play Digital Passport outside of school?
    Yes! Since it's a web-based app, students can use their username and password to log in to Digital Passport from any computer with Internet access. Encouraging students to play at home and share the games with their parents is a great way to introduce parents to the topics that Digital Passport addresses.
  11. Is my students' data safe?
    The short answer is YES! Common Sense Media stores student data on a secure server and will never share it with third parties or use it in any way beyond reporting on aggregated student outcomes (e.g. number of students around the world who have received their Digital Passport). Click here to read our Privacy Policy.